Some Feelings and Some Other Stuff

Feb 19

So. My college’s radio station is one of the top 20 college radio stations in the nation. Also! We’re the best in California. Another school is coming to tour our station this weekend =]
It’s so awesome!! Also, our school is getting Best Coast to come play for us. Well, it’s actually at the Grove. But it’s rented out for us. My boyfriend loves them. He’s really into indie music and stuff. So.
Since I’m on radio staff! I’m on the VIP list and I get to hang out in the VIP room and also meet them, and I got my boyfriend in too. Which is AWESOME. I feel awesome.
My life is pretty great and I’m happy.
Also. My boyfriend and I are both 20.
We’re grown-up kids.
And thinking of taking a weekend vacation together.
We should set that up soon. I’m excited.

Okay. I’m happy. 

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